Stories of Children and Staff of ELIYA


Yuval, now two years old, joined Eliya Petach Tikva's parents-and-baby group at the age of four months. Following a year in a group for multi-challenged children, she has now moved to a class with normative development.

Yuval happily and steadily gazes at lighted objects very close to her and reaches out to touch them. She needs considerable help in adjusting to her environment, so she will be able to use her residual vision.

Yuval's parents are extremely involved in helping their child reach her potential.  Thanks to Eliya’s guidance, they now have a deep understanding of Yuval’s functioning level.  They take Yuval to all recommended Eliya programs and are learning to cope and embrace their daughter’s disability so she can reach her maximum potential.


Renana, now three years old, has been at Eliya's Beer Sheva branch with her twin brother, Neria, since they were 6 months old.  Her early development was very slow, but today she functions almost at her age level.

Renana had been learning at a constant rate at Eliya and brings her skills home, eagerly finding out what tasty dishes are on the Sabbath table! She is also become very independent; when her mother follows her to the restroom, Renana insists “Mummy, I can go alone......"

Because she has so successfully adapted to her surroundings, Renana has now also joined a mainstream kindergarten two days a week and is well on her way to full integration.


Zohar has been visually impaired as a result of a childhood illness.  She immigrated to Israel from Argentina and continued her studies in special education. She also started volunteering at Eliya's Jerusalem branch.  She so inspired in her role, she later joined the staff as a teacher's assistant.

Zohar has since married and has a child.  She also recently became a teacher at Eliya with her own group of children!